Monthly Archives: April 2015


Also known as procrastination. I prefer the term inertia. It implies there is less need for self-flagellation when those tasks that keep getting put off, with no good reason, get put off again. Today the sun shone. The warmth of it melted away the months of inertia I have felt towards tackling ‘putting the garden to bed for winter’. Now I was reawakening it for Spring.

My boy has a new high chair and I positioned him in the shade of the garden to watch over my weeding endeavors like an umpire. It felt good. Good to feel the sun on my back, good to glance over at a contented tot enjoying the entertainment a mumma can bring, fork in hand. Just a few hours later the flower beds were looking in good shape, the lawn tidily trimmed and the patio swept of the dried moss our feathered friends had sent tumbling from the roof all Winter long.

And actually, as I reflected on the countless times I have felt annoyed with myself for not just getting on and doing it, I felt gratitude for inertia because today was the right day to do it. A day when a chore could really be a pleasure. A small achievement teaching a small lesson that sometimes we just end up doing the right thing at the right time. Sometimes it is right to nudge ourselves into action but other times, when we can’t or just plain won’t, these things will take care of themselves at a perfect time.