Gratitude Sunday


Linking up with Taryn at Wooly Moss Roots to reflect on the last week and feel grateful for…

~ Robin has wanted to nurse during several bath times. I always treasure the moments when he turns himself to nuzzle into me, gazing deeply into my eyes

~ The support and encouragement of the knitting community…and partaking in my first Yarn Along

~ Catching up with a dear friend on the phone and being grateful for her balancing words

~ Working alongside Chris to move some plants around. Our side bed looks great now and those plants will be able to thrive in their new position

~ The loveliest post lady who makes me smile by leaving parcels in a safe place with a cute, cheeky note and a couple of dog biscuits for Mabel and Norah. Annie you’re the best

~ A trip to the strawberry patch and enjoying the sweet, juicy bounty. So much yummier than the supermarket punnets. Life’s simple pleasures

~ Sharing the fun of Chris’ new Power Up paper aeroplane gadget. So great to see his pleasure. Many giggles were had when it swooped up out of control and we had to run after it down our street


Wishing you a happy week ahead.

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