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Slouchy beanie hat


Chris is pleased with his hat which I makes me so happy. He has requested another, next time without a slouch for a change. He very sweetly let me take some pictures to share – normally he hides from the camera.



I started and nearly finished a Barley hat for Robin. Such an easy knit, it’s a  free pattern from Tin Can Knits. Sadly my yarn choice is ridiculously scratchy and moulted in my lap so I don’t feel it is suitable for my 10 month old baby. All good knitting practice though.

I am seriously eyeing up Mandarines patterns. What a talented, lovely lady with a beautiful instagram feed. She is bmanadarines on IG.

I’m itching to get knitting again when new yarn arrives!

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along.

Yarn Along – Beanie Progress


Chris’ beanie is coming along nicely. Now I’ve switched to the larger needle size the yarn, King Cole Riot, is much easier to knit with. Just 1.5″ more of knitting rounds and I’ll be onto the decreases – first time SSK-ing and using DPNs. Yikes!

My wonderful friend Dani started knitting this week and I’m catching up with her today to see how her infinity scarf is coming along. I actually cast it on for her last week! I can’t believe that a couple of months ago I had to watch YouTube to learn how and now I am helping a friend. Hmmm, perhaps a case of blind leading the blind!

Trying to decide on my next project. I have the pattern and yarn for a poncho in Sirdar Divine but I’m really not sure I’m all that sold on it. I’m weighing up a hat for Robin, the poncho or a shawl. I have a deep love of shawls. Ginny, in her recent post for new knitters, mentioned two shawl patterns that are in my Ravelry favourites so maybe I’ll pick one of those. Ah sweet decisions.

Joining the yarn along. Wishing you all a happy week of knitting.

Yarn Along – Finished Milo and first hat stitches


Thank you for the kind words about my in-progress Milo last week. It is now finished and i’m so pleased with the result. It has come out wider in the body than the green version, which hopefully will give it longevity for my little man.



This week I have learnt some hard lessons in gauges through casting on the Whitman hat project for my husband (ah, that’s why the second Milo is bigger!). The chosen yarn and pattern were not a match, resulting in a cast on which might have fit a large egg if only i was aiming for a beanie style egg cosy. Alas the Whitman was frogged and I cast on the Basic Beanie at the weekend. I think the gauge will work out but I hope to make a small sizing modification so I can use the yarn which Chris picked out and to accommodate his generous sized head.


The yarn, King Cole Riot in Dude, is not a pleasure to knit with for me. It is very fibrous and the thread seems to unravel itself meaning my needle keeps separating stitches. The colour way is really quite lovely though, perfect for my love.

This week my reading has been limited to knitting techniques and Ravelry but I have been enjoying the feeds of a couple of recently discovered Instagram accounts including hellodarling_handmade and byannieclaire

Wishing you a happy week of knitting and joining Ginny’s Yarn Along

Yarn Along – Second Milo Progress




A few more rows and I’ll be starting the ribbing on my second Milo for Robin. This yarn has been so easy to work with compared to the Rowan wool / silk blend but I wish it wasn’t such a high acrylic content. It will be practical I guess, if not especially warm, and the variegated effect is really very pretty.

This week my reading has taken me to Melody’s space. Her knits are gorgeous and amazingly she was self taught, now designing her own patterns. I love stories like this – they give me hope! She shares beautiful pictures too which I’ve also been admiring on her Instagram feed.

Next up will be a knit for my hat loving husband. He selected the Whitman pattern from a shortlist I had complied and we visited the LYS so he could pick out yarn he liked. That took him all of, ooh, 15 seconds. A low wool content yarn essential for his super sensitive skin. This pattern will be great at moving my skills on a bit as I’ll be learning a couple of new techniques. I really want this to be a hat he will love wearing as he literally wears a hat all. weekend. long.

Joining with Ginny and looking forward to seeing how everyone’s projects are coming along.