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Ponderosa has felt like knitting magic. I have loved seeing the delicate pattern develop, enjoyed the repeated stitches within each round and am so happy with the end result, my first knitted item to gift myself. Melody Hoffman, who designs as Mandarine’s, has created a beautiful pattern. Inspired by the pine trees in her beloved woods I think, when knit in a white hue, she’s captured the essence of a winter wonderland.

I highly recommend the pattern and the yarn I chose, Drops Lima.


Incidently Melody has a new venture, 6 Bits Storybooks, a quarterly knitting publication launching in October. I’m really excited to discover more of her patterns and those of designers she loves, along with the story behind each design and the provenance of the yarns. We all pour so much time and love into our knitting, adding our own chapter to the journey. For me this will complete the circle.

My next project will be a Pilot Cap for Robin. Much as I love his Barley it is totally impractical as he just pulls it straight off (what 11 month old wouldn’t?). I am going to use some of the Ginny Goldenrod and I can’t wait to knit with a yarn which has its own story.

These last few weeks I’ve been enjoying listening to podcasts rather than reading. I like Melody’s and Liesl’s.

Thank you so much for dropping by to see what I’ve been working on. I love to read all your comments and come visiting in your space too. Joining Ginny and Nicole.

Have a beautiful week.

Flax and Ponderosa

YA 230915 (Copy)

Robin’s Flax is finished and, with Autumn officially here, a distinct nip and fallen leaf smell in the air, he has already been getting some wear out of it. Truth be told he will be wearing this a lot over the coming weeks as it fits him right now and there is no room for growth. The Flax is measuring up to a gauge of 19 stitches / 4 inches, out by 1 stitch versus pattern even though my swatch was out the other way. The size is 1 -2 years. My boy is coming up 11 months. Sigh. Oh well, I guess I can look forward to casting on another soon. It was a simple knit, perfect for this slightly sleep deprived mama.


After endless dilly dallying over which project to cast on next, I opted for Mandarine’s Ponderosa, a delicate hat design. I’ve thrown caution to the wind, like a reckless fool, and have not knit a swatch, basing my yarn choice on a similar tension guide to the yarn Melody designed the pattern with. This hat is for me and I have a really small head (seriously, I fit in kids’ hats) so hopefully such reckless abandonment will not end in knitter’s remorse. My yarn choice is Drops Lima in Off White. I love, love, love this soft 65% wool, 35% alpaca yarn, and it was great value. Melody’s white version reminds me of a delicate snowstorm shaker and I wanted to emulate that in my colour choice. I can already see the pattern starting to take shape and I want time to stand still so I can make some headway.

In other knitting news I made a little acquisition from Buckaloo. Oh my. Oh me oh my. Liesel’s naturally dyed yarn is meltingly soft. I purchased two skeins of 100% merino dyed with Cosmos & Marigold. I have no project in mind which I realise is really very daft as I may have too little yarn for many projects. I’m not letting that reality check dampen my spirits though because I may just hold it in my lap and stroke it.

Joining this week with Nicole and Ginny. Thank you for visiting me, your comments really make my day. Have a wonderful first week of Autumn if you are ‘of the North’ or Spring if you’ve popped in from the Southern Hemisphere. xo




Progress on Robin’s Flax has been fair, hindered only by a too tight bind off on the body, which I managed to undo. The bottom ribbing is now too deep, I think, as I had to start a new skein in order to have enough yarn to execute the looser finish. I didn’t think it would be very secure to be weave in a fresh ball for 8″ or so therefore I did a couple of extra rounds. Have started arm one and am wrestling the porcupine!


Had a very happy mail day with the arrival of two skeins of Ginny Goldenrod. These home dyed beauties smell divine. This coincided with news of Ginny’s new hat pattern release, Aibhie’s Hat. It feels like an omen so I have purchased the pattern and it’s added to my queue.

Also added to the queue this week is Mandarine’s Ponderosa. So beautiful and delicate. I picked out a creamy wool  / alpaca blend from Drops called Lima for this project.

I’m really starting to feel like a proper knitter now – projects backing up, yarn acquisitions aplenty and still a hunger to find more knits to indulge in! Deep breathe in, exhale, and back to wrestle my porcupine!

I am joining this week with both Ginny and Nicole. Thank you so much for popping by. Have a wonderful week ahead.

Barley and Flax

YA 090915 2

I finished Robin’s Barley hat last week and blocked it over the weekend which gave it a good amount of ease. Unfortunately persuading the wee man to model it has proved tricky but hopefully when it gets colder he’ll be happier to wear it! Really enjoyed working with the Cascade 220 Superwash yarn in Straw colourway. I think it gives great stitch definition and is very rustic looking.

I cast on a Flax with Cascade 220 Heather in Stonewash. Feeling slightly nervous about size and gauge having had to reduce needle size to meet the pattern gauge. The neck looks so small but hopefully blocking will ease again. Cascade 220 Heather is definitely a bit scratchier. Has anyone heard about vinegar to soften fibres?

YA 090915 3

Having recently discovered the charming Frontier Dreams  I’m enjoying reading old posts and swooning over her knits on Ravelry.

Autumn feels like it has arrived in my little corner of the world. Perfect knitting weather! Wishing you a happy week.

Joining with Ginny