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It’s all about the woodland creatures


I was so happy to finish my boy’s squirrel sweater for Christmas. I didn’t get it blocked but that really doesn’t matter. The neckline took a couple of attempts but I’m really happy with how it turned out. I basically did a really bold decrease round a few rounds after the squirrels, knit a round including German short rows (great tutorial here) and finished with an inch or so of ribbing. It fits great and might even last two winters if i’m really lucky! My husband has said he wants a matching one and actually, me too! Thank you for all the lovely and encouraging comments last week, I so appreciated ever one of them.


Next up is a knit for an Instagram friend. Meg loved the Owlet I knitted for Robin’s birthday and I couldn’t help but offer to spread the owl love! She has sweetly offered to make Robin a pair of trousers so I guess we have a craft swop going on, across the pond. Fun! I’ll be adapting the pattern to lengthen the arms and body but other than that I’m looking forward to getting my owl on. I’m using buttery soft Cascade 128 as her boy is sensitive to itchy wool. It is so soft and I love this colourway that Meg choose.

I hope your festivities have been wonderful. Next time we catch up it will be 2016 – see you on the other side friends.

Joining Nicole and Ginny.

The Squirrel Collective

DSCF2055 (Copy)

It’s Christmas and a bit of belief goes a long way in making it feel magical, right? A few nights ago I really lost hope that this little sweater would be ready for Christmas Day but right now, 14 squirrels a-scampering around the yoke, I am starting to have a bit of belief.

I still have to figure what to do with the neckline. The pattern doesn’t call for short rows… but then it also has a roll neck which i plan to omit… but then I’ve never tried to figure short rows without a pattern. Ach, decisions, decisions and colour work sure does create a lot of ends to weave.

Mentally i have given away a lot of hand made, nice to do prettiness this Christmas. That’s the reality of mindfully mothering a 14 month old. I know I’ve got my priorities just right and a gorgeous Solstice tree and a hand knit jumper is a pretty good bit of prettiness in a sea of emptied cupboards, sleep deprivation and teething woes.

And what a year of knitting. I only started in July and this is my lucky 13th knit. I’ve found an incredible on line community of inspiring, talented and, above all, kind knitters. I believe next year I’ll meet more of you and enrich deeper some of these connections I have made. I believe I’ll knit up a storm, learn new skills, clothe my family in more handmade, woolly wonder. I believe it and therefore it must be true.

Thank you for being part of this place I find myself. I wish to you a truly beautiful Christmas and a year ahead filled with peace and happiness.

Joining Nicole and Ginny

A tangible sigh of relief

IMAG0011 (Copy)

IMG_2187 (Copy)

Did you hear the angels as they burst into a chorus at the weekend? Hooray. The hat, yes the ‘knit three times’ one, is off the needles. Happiness is a finished object. I think I can safely say I probably won’t do this pattern again. Chris seems over the moon with the way it turned out but I’m not loving the ‘kind of is’, ‘kind of isn’t’ a slouch thing or the little holes that appear on the decrease part. Really the only important thing is the happiness of the recipient so I’m moving on to projects new.

Next up is the Squirrels jumper for Robin. I’d like this to be his mama handmade Christmas gift so I think I have 16 sleeps to knit. Crikey. That suddenly sounds terrifyingly close but I think it is doable. Well, it has to be so there may be some late nights. I’m making a few amendments to the pattern in the form of additional colour work to the sleeve and body hems, just to bring in some contrast to the green.  I did the hem last night and really enjoyed myself. The body should be a quick knit ahead of the sleeve construction then joining the pieces altogether and tackling the squirrels.

IMAG0017 (Copy)

How about you? How is your gift knitting coming along? I don’t think there is a nicer gift than a hand knit and i’m itching to catch up with how your projects have progressed.

Joining Ginny and Nicole and their community of inspiring crafters.

Deja vu

DSCF1805 (Copy)

Hurrah! The ribbing section was completed last night on my hubby’s hat. I shall be inserting a lifeline in case I make a silly error again – I simply CAN NOT FACE doing that ribbing a 4th time! The rest of the hat is simple knit stitch and those pesky decreases on skinny DPNs. Sigh. It will be worth it if my man loves his hat and it gives him pleasure. It will. It will (mantra).

This week one of my friend’s had a beautiful baby girl so I quickly cast on for a Pilot Cap and was really pleased with the way it turned out. Erika Knights DK weight Blue Leicester Wool was joyous to work with and not a round of ribbing in sight. Ah!

pilot2 (Copy)

Short and sweet this week – my boy is busy emptying the cupboards and has found the illegal biscuit tin. What is good for the goose is definitely not good for the gosling!

Talking of whom, this is an outtake as it’s blurry but I love it…

pilot (Copy)

Joining Ginny and Nicole.