It’s all about the woodland creatures


I was so happy to finish my boy’s squirrel sweater for Christmas. I didn’t get it blocked but that really doesn’t matter. The neckline took a couple of attempts but I’m really happy with how it turned out. I basically did a really bold decrease round a few rounds after the squirrels, knit a round including German short rows (great tutorial here) and finished with an inch or so of ribbing. It fits great and might even last two winters if i’m really lucky! My husband has said he wants a matching one and actually, me too! Thank you for all the lovely and encouraging comments last week, I so appreciated ever one of them.


Next up is a knit for an Instagram friend. Meg loved the Owlet I knitted for Robin’s birthday and I couldn’t help but offer to spread the owl love! She has sweetly offered to make Robin a pair of trousers so I guess we have a craft swop going on, across the pond. Fun! I’ll be adapting the pattern to lengthen the arms and body but other than that I’m looking forward to getting my owl on. I’m using buttery soft Cascade 128 as her boy is sensitive to itchy wool. It is so soft and I love this colourway that Meg choose.

I hope your festivities have been wonderful. Next time we catch up it will be 2016 – see you on the other side friends.

Joining Nicole and Ginny.

3 thoughts on “It’s all about the woodland creatures

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  2. Ruby

    What a beautiful family portrait! And I LOVE that sweater for your sweet baby boy. Your knitting is just lovely–I’ll definitely be stopping by again for more inspiration!


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