Making plans

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The Owlet is languishing on a towel as I write this. I thought I’d spare you, dear reader, a shot of a tatty towel and an unmade bed. I love seeing styled shots of projects being blocked and looking perfect but that is not my reality!

I’m very nervous about whether it will fit the recipient. I came up a stitch over on gauge but went with the needle size suspecting the yarn would grow when blocked. Oh how it grew! I spent half an hour faffing about and laying it out, trying to adjust the size. Robin thought it marvellous fun, stealing my tape measure, lunging at a sleeve and pulling it 4″ longer. It will take flight to the East Coast of America shortly and then we will see if it fits this year, next, the one after, who knows when!

(By the way, do you know Meg? She is an incredibly gifted singer and Waldorf teacher who has a new project developing learning tools for harmonious song. There is a beautiful video here if you are interested in hearing her angelic voice. The Owlet is for her gorgeous boy).

Instead I’m sharing the Latvian yarn a friend of mine gifted me from her pre Christmas trip to the markets of Riga. Sweet Melody recommended a yarn shop and this yarn is just so wonderfully rustic. There are bits of dried grass in it still! I posted a picture on my Instagram feed asking for help in working out the gauge. I now believe it to be worsted, veering towards DK. I need to calculate how much I have and whether I have enough for a sweater for Robin. In my mind’s eye I am envisaging a fisherman’s jumper. Oh wouldn’t that be so dear? I so enjoy the research and planning but tonight I’ll wind this skein and try and figure out the yardage.

Thank you so much for the comments last week. I love to read them and i’m so happy to answer questions too. I was especially touched that a few readers asked my advice about projects. I do hope I can encourage and support despite my limited experience so do please check back if you do pose a question.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead and joining dear Ginny and Nicole.

14 thoughts on “Making plans

  1. Donna

    I too have visions of taking beautiful pictures with great composition – the reality is there is tons of clutter in the background because that is my life! Have a great week filled with knitting!

  2. Pom Pom

    Isn’t it funny that we snap photos and then see the pieces of our (well mine!) messy and WONDERFUL lives? That yarn looks lovely! Knit on with confidence (EZ)

  3. Ruby

    It’s always nice to be gifted baby items that will fit later rather than sooner. Everyone always seems to have too much newborn/small items which babies tend to outgrow much to quickly. Maybe the growth your owlet made is meant to be. 🙂

  4. Natalie

    I can’t wait to see your Owlet in all it’s glory. I think it looks gorgeous and wouldn’t worry if I was you. The recipient is going to love it whenever he gets to wear it 🙂

    1. Tania Post author

      Thank you Natalie. It would be so wonderful if he can wear it now but if not, you’re right, hopefully he will wear it at some point (if it isn’t actually too small!)


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