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That HUGE ball of wool to the right there (like you needed a hand spotting it) is the Mystery Latvian yarn. It turns out that it is actually closer to a DK. I got out the back of a fag packet and calculated that there is about 560m. Maybe. Those back of fag packet calculations can be a bit inaccurate. I measured out 10m, weighed it and then used that to calculate the meterage based on the total ball weight. If any of you have any brighter ideas I am all ears!

I am still searching for the dream toddler Fisherman’s (or Aran, or cable) sweater pattern. I bought a couple of vintage patterns from Ebay but I am not 100% sure. I am also really nervous that I will get to 80% knit and run out of yarn. And then cry a lot as I will have been cabling my little heart out. I feel like I am out of ideas about where to find a pattern which is ridiculous really.

In the meantime I have cast on a Ponderosa in Drops Lima, Cerise. It is for a friend who loves this shade of pink. In fact it isn’t nearly as florescent in ‘real’ life. I really love this hat pattern by Melody Hoffman (bmandarines) – straightforward enough for it to be a relaxing knit, enough of a pattern to hold interest. Just as well it is straightforward as all I can think about is my Latvian yarn and Fisherman’s Sweaters!

Oh! I nearly forgot the Owlet! Here it is in it’s finished glory. I actually think I shrunk it a bit when I popped it in the airing cupboard, door ajar, to dry out fully. So instead of worrying that it is too big, I am now kept awake at night thinking it is likely too small! Sigh.

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Knitting along with Ginny and Nicole.

6 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. Sarah W.

    You have a talent for picking beautiful patterns. I understand your hesitation regarding the “mystery yarn.” I would have the same fears. I think you’re right in your assumptions…have you considered getting a second opinion at your local yarn shop? Just to be sure? Whatever you decide to do I look forward to seeing what you create out of this gorgeous yarn!

    1. Tania Post author

      Sarah, thank you for that idea! I popped to my LYS and it looks like I don’t have enough for a sweater so ditch that plan. And thank you for the sweet compliment.


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