In the pink

DSCF2217 (Copy)I finished up the Ponderosa for my friend a few days ago and have since been trying to get a nice photograph. I am not a talented photographer at the best of times but cerise pink is really tricky to capture accurately. Robin and I went for a walk with the hat and tried a number of settings. It really made me smile to myself as we must have looked mad, rummaging in the hedgerows for props, laying the hat on the ground ‘artistically’ and generally acting suspiciously along the canal tow path. I think (I hope) this is something other knitters understand. It is just so lovely to have a record of our little projects to celebrate their creation.

In the end the shot I posted to Instagram was one I took in the house which I loved because Robin photo bombed it with his cute little fingers. That night I was sharing my photography frustrations with my tech savvy husband who casually said “you know you can just adjust the colour with Fireworks, don’t you”. Ahem, well no I probably can’t but I know a man that can!

This hat is a really nice little knit, it holds my interest without having me breaking into a sweat. I really recommend it. I think the yarn choice, Drops Lima, works well – I knit one previously in cream – but it does grow a little. Anyway, I am sure my friend will be happy to have this little bright pink hat to keep her warm on her daily dog walks. You know, the pink hat that really isn’t as pink in real life!

Last week sweet Sarah at The Aspiring Farmwife left a comment suggesting I ask my LYS to look at the Latvian Yarn to check my assumptions on gauge and yardage. I took her advice. It seems my instincts were right and they also suggested that a sweater may be pushing my luck on yardage. I have spent two nights this week not knitting but cruising the pattern shelves of Ravelry for a vest pattern. I just can’t find what is in my mind’s eye so I’m moving on for the moment.

I’m really excited to have cast on an Aibhie Hat, designed by Ginny. This is super special as I am using some of Ginny’s yarn left over from the gorgeous shawl that I received for my birthday. This is my first venture into lace work (and there really is only a touch). I have no photograph to share yet but hopefully, before next week, I’ll be found in my unnatural habitat trying to find the perfect light and conditions to show it off to it’s best!

In other news….THE OWLET FITS!!!!!!

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Joining with Ginny, Nicole and all the Yarn Alongers and Keep Calmers of the world.

7 thoughts on “In the pink

  1. Ruby

    Huzzah! So glad the owlet fits! It is truly one of my favorite finished knits I’ve seen anywhere lately. Wonderful news. I completely understand your photographing knitting projects plight! In fact, that’s the whole reason why I had to take my knitting this week outside to photograph it…the color is a very very dark blue and I was getting nowhere trying to capture the true color in the house, even near a window. Using a flash and/or a lighting app didn’t help adjust it so out I went to the front stoop in the snow and gosh near froze my toes doing so. Love your story of dashing about the hedgerows with your little one for that perfect shot! It looks like it turned out wonderfully.

  2. Becki

    I don’t know if you captured the color to your satisfaction, but it sure is pretty in that picture! When I see “artistic” shots, I smile at the thought of a knitter or crocheter trying to nonchalantly look natural taking pictures of their yarny creations in interesting places. ;^) I like the composition of your shot!

    1. Tania Post author

      Hello Ranee, That flower is a hellebore, also known as a Christmas or Lenten Rose thanks to the time of year in which they bloom. They are such a lovely hint of Spring.

  3. Sarah W.

    Pink is SO difficult to photograph! The object either looks neon pink or brown-tinged. The hat is lovely. And I am so glad the LYS was able to help you! It would have been horrible to be more than halfway done with the the sweater only to realize you were short on yarn. Have you chosen a new pattern yet?

    1. Tania Post author

      So true about the colour and the sweater. I’ve parked up the yarn in my stash cupboard for now. I am hoping the right pattern will land in my lap add it sure doesn’t want me to find it!


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