Watching Birds

Singing Robin (Copy)Starling (Copy)Sparrow (Copy)Blackbird (Copy)

Robin adores birds and gets very excited when he sees them in the garden. To encourage more visitors, who may stay longer than a fleeting moment, we found a lovely bird table last summer and stocked it up with seed, positioning it in a prime viewing location. I was very excited and had to be prised away from the french doors where I was forever checking to see who and what was happening on the table. Truth be told, nothing at all was happening on the table. It was pretty disappointing and it felt like a snub to see our feathered friends tucking into seeds in the feeders of our neighbour’s gardens!

So we upped the anti and found higher value treats; meal worms. Oh yes, we rolled out the big guns! These, along with relocating the table to a further away spot, quickly encouraged the birds in their masses. We have spotted lots of starlings, robins, sparrows and blackbirds, along with the increasingly frequent and very greedy pigeons. This weekend Chris attempted to pigeon proof the table. They still try and get to those meal worms and it is highly entertaining watching them.

Pigeon (Copy)

This pigeon is a Frequent Flyer at the table. Can you see, he has a damaged beak? I feel a bit sorry for him so don’t begrudge him a few meal worms

Robin and I love our breakfast and lunchtime bird spotting. Of all the birds the robin makes my heart so happy. To be with my little Robin bird, watching his name sake and listening to their beautiful song…that is so very precious. It makes my boy very happy too.

Watching birds (Copy)

10 thoughts on “Watching Birds

  1. Valerie

    Amazing bird photos! And such a wonderful photo of Robin, too! We try to put out seeds for the birds here, but our dog always eats them first. 🙁 I told my daughter about the meal worms, and she really wants to know if they are alive or dead when you put them out. I wonder if our dog would eat the meal worms?!
    Hope you and Robin get to enjoy lots more birds!

    1. Tania Post author

      Thank you for popping over here and saying hello here, and for your kind words. You can report back to your girl that the meal worms are dried. I honestly don’t think I could put my hand in a wriggling mass of meal worms! They have them at the pet store and they make me shudder! I think your dog would probably quite like them. Aren’t Labrador retrievers partial to ALL food?! They definitely make all the difference to us getting visitors and get raided within hours of being replenished. It’s as expense a habit as knitting I fear and I’m building up quite a meal worm stash!

  2. Ruby

    Birding is a part of our soul in my family, so I truly loved this post! We have many starlings and house sparrows at our feeders in the winter months, probably more house sparrows than any other species despite their “invasive” status here. The first photo is of a robin species, correct? Our American Robins look so very different than yours–yours is gorgeous! What a wonderful namesake for your cutie.

    1. Tania Post author

      I am so glad you enjoyed it. You have a very impressive list of birds spotted on your blog. I am really looking forward to seeing new varieties in our little suburban garden. Yes, that is a Robin – they are so different on this side of the pond, I am surprised they even have the same name!

  3. Valerie

    Thanks for the dried worm info, Tania! I quite agree about the icky factor of those wriggling worms at the pet store. Plus we were wondering if the live ones would escape rather than waiting around to become a bird’s dinner. You’re quite right about Hockley eating just about anything; the only food I’ve found so far that he won’t eat is lemons. I may just give the worms a try anyway — I’d love to see what birds we would get!

    1. Ruby

      I’ve had the best luck with mealworms in the States by wetting them a bit first before placing in the tray feeder. Just a suggestion! 🙂

  4. mamaashgrove

    Oh I love all of this! We are bird lovers too, and my littlest is also named for a bird, Wren. Robin we considered! Your sweet Robin reminds me a lot of my middle boy, who is turning 9 soon. Something in his sweet smile brings me back in time.


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