Celtic dreaming

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I completed the Aibhie hat in my very special Ginny yarn. It was such a lovely knit, I honestly enjoyed every stitch and highly recommend the pattern. It ended up a bit bigger than I hoped, even though I measured my head, followed the sizing recommendations AND dropped the needle size by 1 for both the brim and body of the hat.

No, of course I didn’t knit a swatch! In my defence the finished object had the correct circumference measurement. Instinctively I knew a medium would be too large for my little noggin but I didn’t trust it and thought the measurements would be a better guide than gut feel. This tale has a happy ending thanks to Operation Controlled Shrinking. A few blasts in the tumble dryer for a minute at a time and the fit was much better.

I posted this picture on Instagram yesterday and couldn’t resist sharing it here so apologies if you have already seen it. I actually think Robin’s smile is so uplifting that this is really a public service!

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Next up I am so excited to be knitting my first shawl. Selkie is Mandarines latest design and it is so beautiful. I had planned to knit Blom for my first shawl project but Selkie came along and stole my heart.  There is an image of Selkie here and here.

What makes it even better is this will be a Cross Atlantic KAL. Valerie and I will be sisters in shawls and I am so happy about this! I have picked out my colours since the swatch card arrived and am awaiting the wool delivery from Jamieson & Smith. This is going to be a very relaxed KAL as Valerie has several WIPs already, I will be achingly slow, no doubt, plus I have another Owlet to cast on for. More on that next week when the yarn arrives.

In other very exciting news I have a small parcel jetting over from Ginny containing three skeins of her yarn, courtesy of Robin. What can I say, this boy may only be 15 months old but he sure has great birthday present taste.

Joining up with Ginny and Nicole.

17 thoughts on “Celtic dreaming

  1. Ruby

    I have some Ginny yarn, too, on the way & no clue what I will make with it…I’ve decided it must be something very special as it seems her shop is (rightfully) getting so popular. Robin’s smile absolutely made me smile right back! A beautiful, happy photo indeed!

    Your hair is gorgeous under the new cap, the colors compliment so well!

    1. Tania Post author

      Thank you Ruby, that’s so kind. I really feel the same about my Ginny yarn. I felt knitting one of her patterns was a perfect project

  2. Valerie

    Glad to hear you were able to finesse the fit of your beautiful hat. What a lovely pair the hat and shawl make. You’re right, you are definitely doing a service for all of us light-deprived folk in the northern hemisphere by sharing Robin’s bright, sunshiny smile as often as possible — I could never tire of looking at his sweet face! I’m really looking forward to our Selkie kal, Tania! Hope your yarn arrives soon!

    1. Tania Post author

      Thank you Valerie, I am glad it is not just me who swoons over that grin, and thank you for you sweet words about the hat! Countdown to Selkie is on! I actually chased our post lady down the road today to see if she had my delivery – lucky she is one of my friends!

    1. Tania Post author

      Thank you so much! I have also completed a Pilot Cap in Ginny Goldenrod, as I affectionately call it. I’m really looking forward to seeing what all her yarn becomes

  3. Kelli

    Love the hat and scarf together! What is that scarf pattern if you don’t mind me asking?
    I test knit the Aibhie hat for Ginny and it was such a fun knit. It looks beautiful in your Ginny yarn.

    1. Tania Post author

      It’s a shawl and its called Monsoon. It’s on Ravelry. It was knit for me for my birthday. I hope I can knit that well someday. How wonderful to have been a test knitter for Ginny, I looked at all the test knit projects, they were beautiful.


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