How Now Brown Owl

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My studio assistant has been helping me set up my photo shoots again. He is very good at adjusting the props and unwinding any balls of wool.

I am currently working on my third Owlet. This one is for a very special little girl. I connected with the beautiful Helen (in all senses) after following her on Instagram and seeing she has a little Etsy shop where she sells her beautiful knitted and crocheted children’s clothes. We thought it would be fun to do a craft swop, a gorgeous fair isle cardigan for Robin and an Owlet for Thali. I love this Cascade Ecological wool she picked out. It feels so rustic and the colour is, I think, perfect for an Owlet.

When, when will I learn? I was so excited to get knitting that I threw aside the swatch, reckoning that because I’d worked with other Cascade Yarns and got gauge, there or there abouts, I’d be just fine. Well, this Owlet is coming up small. A quick message to someone I know has worked with Ecological has kind of eased my concerns. Apparently this yarn grows A LOT! No doubt I’ll be stressing again at the blocking stage. I just want this to be perfect for Helen and Thali’s. Yeah, so I should have swatched, right?!

Linking late with Ginny and Nicole….have you seen Nicole’s darling baby? Swoon.

7 thoughts on “How Now Brown Owl

  1. Evelyn

    Looks like you’re getting close to the cables bit, fun! Your little helper made me smile, wasn’t that thoughtful of him to unwind the yarn for you lol

  2. Sarah W.

    Oh, I do love this. The color is such a rich brown! I can’t tell you how many times I have thought a swatch wasn’t necessary. Huge mistake. And yet I still do it.

    Your assistant is adorable. That’s all that matters. (Although it would be nice if they could be just a bit more cooperative, wouldn’t it?)

  3. Ruby

    Your studio assistant is awesome, may I hire him? 😉 I love that chair he chose to photograph the new owlet on top of–such great taste he has! You have truly convinced me I MuSt knit an owlet soon. xx


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