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Love and comfort


I’ve been working on a couple of little cloths for a very special gift. I have a remarkable friend, Meg, who is expecting a baby girl in a couple of weeks. Emerald will be born with a congenital heart defect and will require assistance pretty much immediately from birth. Her mama is so strong and courageous and a true advocate of the attachment parenting philosophy. She and her husband have been communicating with and influencing their medical care team to ensure their daughter will not be deprived of essential skin to skin, breastfeeding and cosleeping. These tiny, insignificant cloths could be popped in Meg’s nursing top and, should Meg and Emerald have to be parted, hopefully Emerald will be comforted by the scent of her mama on these cloths.

It’s such a small thing but getting these right has been very important to me. I live many miles from Meg, although we are both in the same country, and this feels like a physical way to be connected with both her and her baby. What a gift knitting is to the knitter as well as the recipient when love can be literally knit in with each stitch worked.

I posted these today and hope the love pours out of the parcel when it is opened.

Joining Nicole and Ginny


Natural habitat

IMAG0995 (Copy)

The natural habitat of any Woodland Savage is, of course, the woods. A local home education group pointed me in the direction of a little toddler group for savages like Robin and today we ventured forth.

It was mighty chilly but that never puts off a savage. We discovered dumper trucks hard at work moving leaves, a mud pie kitchen, a cosy fire pit and a number of animals who were delighted to be hand fed.

IMAG0999 (Copy)IMAG1011 (Copy)

Robin and I are looking forward to heading back to play among the trees again soon.

Selkie Shawl

IMAG0975 (Copy)

Selkie is off the needles and I am so happy with how this turned out. It is my first shawl and it was an utter joy to knit. I was so lucky to knit along slde Valerie and Michaela in our mini KAL. The three of us each have a very beautiful shawl and have become real knitting buddies, I feel sad to think we won’t be in daily contact, sharing progress, sharing tips (well, they shared their tips with me!)

20160309_080519 (Copy)

20160309_080646 (Copy)

The shawl features a triangular section knit in garter stitch, so perfect for knitting in front of the TV and ensuring your husband doesn’t feel totally neglected! My husband is totally neglected! The shawl is then bound off and stitches picked up at the edge. This was the only part that I found unnerving as I hadn’t done this technique before. It was absolutely fine but a bit of a confidence game as I wasn’t sure what it should look like and, whilst the ladies reassured me, I was convinced I had got it wrong! After the Latvian Braid, which is a very straightforward, there is a simple but effective lace repeat pattern, broken up by a knit braid section, where the third colour creates the effect.

I think I will be getting lots of wear from this pretty shawl. I just wish the weather would perk up so I can get some nicer pictures.

I’ve been a hopeless blog friend as I’ve been so busy these last few weeks but I’m happy to be Joining you all and Ginny and Nicole.