Ginny’s baby shower


Ginny Sheller is just about one of my favourite people so it is a real pleasure to be knitting something special for her new baby to be. Ginny was the driving force behind my motivation to learn to knit. She nudged me over the finish line when I was procrastinating about casting on my first proper project, a Milo, with encouraging words that made me believe I could do it. I did it. Her blog is the one I always turn to when I need a lift. Her words have the power to raise my spirits in laughter and also to make me cry. She has an inner wisdom that she so generously shares with us all. A gentle humbleness which is a leveler. A sense of humour that has me in giggling stitches. I want to thank Ginny for sharing her life and to tell her that she really has made a huge difference so many times when I needed it most. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Ginny.

I am knitting a little Pilot Cap in Colinette Art yarn java plum (79% wool, 21% bamboo). I did a trial run last week for another little girl and there is a picture of it here in my last post. I want this to be perfect for Ginny and Jonny’s girl. I love this yarn so much, it has a soft lilac base with blue and coral variegated highlights.  I know Ginny likes this pattern as she has knitted it herself. I think that the hat will probably fit at around the 5-6 month mark, hopefully making it a late Fall / Winter knit.

So here is my holding place at the Baby Shower! Ginny, I will get this to you over the coming weeks and I promise every single stitch will be so full of love for you, Jonny and the baby. I cannot wait to see her and I am holding you in my heart in these last few weeks. Sending love, always.

8 thoughts on “Ginny’s baby shower

  1. Ruby

    So very very sweet and lovely, Tania!!! I agree wholeheartedly with all you have written here about Ginny. I wish I had found the time to also participate in her shower, but, alas, this season in my life is not allowing me time for much of anything beyond necessities and not even much of that. Your choice in pattern is perfect. xxo

  2. Ginny

    Tania, you are always such a light!! Thank you so much, and you’re right, I love that pattern, and I love the yarn you chose! Thank you so much!! xoxo

  3. Sarah

    What sweet yarn. Ginny’s blog has been an encouragement to me in some of my darkest times and I am so thankful for the inspiration is has given me repeatedly to keep knitting and trying new things in life.


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